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Our main goal at Bagroff Wealth is to help companies and individuals to get stable income, no matter what. We provide a variety of wealth management and investment services. Contact us to learn more.


#Financial advisory

ODO Marketing / Budget: $15.000

Services we provided:

    Capital management;
    ESG and responsible investing;
    Wealth protection solutions;
    Client risk prevention;
    Passive income planning.


ODO Marketing contacted our company in 2021 as they needed financial advisory. The owners of the company wanted to understand how to improve the efficiency of business management. The company wanted to expand and increase profits.
Measures taken by ODO Marketing to increase profitability had little to no effect. The managers of ODO Marketing failed to set things right to get stable passive income from reliable sources. In this regard, the client contacted our company and concluded a contract for the provision of financial advisory services.


Immediately after the conclusion of the contract, our company conducted an audit of ODO Marketing. As part of the work, we managed to find the main points of growth for the company and new opportunities for diversifying the investment portfolio.

We have proposed several investment strategies, including investing in new commercial real estate in USA cities, as well as buying several startups associated with MarTech. As a result, a year later, the company's capital assets increased by 20%, and the monthly passive income of the company also increased by 30%.

Thank you, Bagroff Wealth

"Throughout this project, Bagroff Wealth was responsive and adaptable to the various changes that occurred, while remaining focused and productive. Additionally, Bagroff Wealth has a sharp understanding of our business processes and technology environment, which has offered us the added benefit of not disrupting our own staff during this important integration."

Anthony White

Program Director, ODO Marketing

All measures taken by our experts have yielded results and demonstrated their effectiveness. We managed to improve the company's profitability and find stable sources of stable income that could be used for further growth of ODO Marketing.

We are currently working on strategies for saving and increasing capital for ODO Marketing, as well as on individual wealth management strategies for the company's board of directors. 

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