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Start Your Career in Financial Services

Start Your Career in Financial Services

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Learn more about what it’s like to be a member of our team. These professionals have shared their personal experiences with our training programs and their new career. Read these reviews and discover what an average day is like for a Legacy Movement Connection agent.

Helping Families and Friends

This company has helped my family with the option of another income stream that allows my wife to stay home with our kids. It's taught me life long financial concepts to get us on the path for major goals. It's allowed me to meet new like minded people and create new relationships with amazing people. It's given me a platform to also help families and friends in the same capacity it helped me.
-Joseph and Mia Howard

Wouldn't Change it for the World

Our experience with the business has been more than amazing. We started out here as young adults trying to find our way in life to becoming Regional Vice President. Before we joined we both came from a teaching background working for the school districts. We remember getting paid once a month. More month left than money. In 2013 Ronald decided to Join the business following God's plan. From the jump Ronald came in and planted 2 feet here. Learned what was needed to succeed, how to build a team and most importantly how to become a better person. This business has changed our lives for the better. We've accomplished so many goals here. Since we've joined our thinking has grown to a more positive outlook on things. Our belief level is stretched daily. There's always a new level and we fight to get to the next level. All in all i wouldn't change our decision to join for anything.
-Ronald & Michelle Richardson

Changed Our Lives for the Better

Being a part of this financial services company has changed our lives for the better. We have both worked in the corporate world prior to getting involved with this company and the mentality, goals, and environment is completely opposite- and that’s a breath of fresh air. As a married couple we have learned strategies and concepts on how to manage, budget, save and grow our own wealth. Money is one of the leading  causes of divorce. But we now have tools to communicate with each other and manage our money- instead of it managing us. That’s a game changer and it makes our marriage stronger. The knowledge acquired has made it possible for us to gain confidence and raise our belief level.  We know that we can now change our own trajectory of building generational wealth. This in turn allows us to help others- which is an incredible feeling. Lastly, this company has given us a glimpse of what freedom could look and feel like. We’ve learned that achieving our goals and dreams is within our grasp.... we just have to reach out and grab it. The leaders of the organization, the environment, the energy, the credibility, the financial concepts all are a testament to the daily work and commitment that goes into building a well rounded, positive and successful  business. This company  PROVES the possible. In the 2 years since we have become apart of this company; we are confident that the financial standing of our own family and those who we serve will be forever changed.
-Jacques and Sharifa Bolton

World of Abundance at our Fingertips

Prior to being an agent with this company, I was a High School Social Science Teacher and my wife, Tiffany, was a Paralegal. We both had the mindset of employees, waiting desperately for the next paycheck, enjoying a small vacation once a year, stressing over the cost of Christmas with 7 children and 3 Grandbabies, hoping that before we retire one of us will earn a six figure income…going through the motions, believing we were living the American Dream. Then we were introduced to this Business and soon realized that there was a World of abundance at our fingertips. The ability to live the life we had never thought to be possible…just by helping others achieve their goals and dreams. What most believe is too good to be true, their wrong. What most believe is impossible, is possible. But only if you're willing to take a chance on yourself and commit yourself to a system that is designed for you to win.
-Herb & Tiffany Berry
See if You Qualify

If you are self-motivated, love working with people, a fast learner, have no felonies and can pass a background check then fill out the form to see if you qualify for this business opportunity.

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